There is her side, there is his side, and then there are the sex facts.

Finally, Sex Doctors to the Rescue are here to dish on what men and women really think and mean when it comes to sex.

The in demand Sex Doctors combine the unique talents of Sexologists, Sex Educators and newspaper columnists, professor Dr. Brian Parker and author Dr. Trina Read. Together they give a much needed he/she perspective on couple's hot-button sexual issues.

The Sex Doctors explore, unravel and then make sense of the murky domain between the sexes. Thousands of people have laughed, cried and thoroughly enjoyed listening to the highly entertaining and educational Sex Doctors. Why? The Sex Doctors give easy to follow, solid solutions to life's complicated sexual problems.

Here are just a few topics they have tackled...

  • Foreplay: The next frontier for men
  • Why do men always have to initiate sex?
  • Can women have "No Strings Attached" sex like men?
  • Telling a guy he's bad in bed
  • Enough talk, talk, talk men want sex, sex, sex
  • Can women really have sex with the lights on?
  • Why do men like fake breasts?
  • When you're finished, make sure she's finished too

Here is what people are saying:

"It's about time you two got together!"
"Where the heck were you ten years ago when I first got married-and almost divorced-because I just didn't get my husband?"
"The world needs to know what women are thinking. I sure don't know."